Dear Sir/Madam,

for the purpose of promoting mutual interests and in the hopes of finding a possible collaboration, please find, in the continuation, a brief presentation of our institute.
Skupina STIK is a private institute, engaged in the research, management, presentation and promotion of cultural (archaeological) heritage.
The institute was founded a year and a half ago by a group of four archaeologists, who have many years of diverse experience in the field of research and preservation of archaeological cultural heritage. In the last decade, the group has led and implemented a variety of archaeological research projects, both in the urban and rural areas.

Apart from archaeological research, one of the main fields of interest is the promotion of the archaeological profession, as well as the presentation of discoveries, especially on the local (Slovene) level. For this purpose, the group created ARHEOFAKT, a department within the institute, which deals with the presentation of ‘life’ in the past. The institute’s employees and colleagues organize a variety of workshops and promotional events, suitable for all ages and interest groups or individuals.

In addition to external colleagues, the institute has seven permanent members, whose professional profiles include archaeology, conservation, history, museology and pedagogy.
The institute’s field team is trained to operate in a wide range of archaeological research, from planning and leading research to computer data capturing and processing, as well as the processing and analysis of the acquired objects.

Research results are presented to a professional and wider interested public in the form of reports, lectures and scientific publications.
The team’s knowledge and expertise enable the implementation of the integrated strategy of archaeological sites, which can result in the »in-situ« presentations, as well as in other forms of presentation of the past.
Thank you for your time and consideration. In hopes that our relations may prove mutually satisfactory, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerest regards,

Rok Klasinc, director